Selling s Car on Ebay - My experience and tips

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Thinking of selling a car on Ebay? Don't know what to expect? I have recently successfully sold my car on Ebay and thought other people might appreciate some advice on what to expect. Please note, this is my experience of selling one, specific car and is not meant to be anything other than a description of how I found it. I was selling a 12 year old Micra, which had a very short MOT and Tax. I am a private seller, not a trader.

First of all, I was surprised when I did a search before hand and found that cars of a similar age and condition did not appear to be selling. I almost decided not to sell the car on Ebay, but decided to in the end as I felt this would be simplest for me. Later on I realised these cars were probably being withdrawn before the end of the auction. I suspect the reason for this is that traders had phoned the seller up with "offers" that they  had decided to accept.

Secondly, I was surprised how quickly a bid was put in. This caused me a bit of irritation as I put in a interim description and then later spent 15 minutes putting a more detailed description on. During that 15 mins, someone put a bid on, which meant that I couldn't save the work I had done and had to start all over again. However, I am sure the extra time paid dividends and was one of the reasons why I got a good price.

Thirdly, I was surprised at how quickly questions started to come in. I was also surprised to be telephoned about it. (buyers can request the sellers contact details from Ebay) Many of the questions were offers to buy the car off Ebay and either offered an amount (£100, I got £270) or suggested I name a price. I decided not to accept any of these and to leave the auction to go to the end. I put a clear notice on the description to say that I would not accept offers and was going to wait for the auction to end. At the same time, I put in a viewing day and said that anyone who wanted to view the car could do so, but only on that day. No one took me up on the offer. For anyone who has done a bootfair, it was a bit like when you first arrive and people crowd around the car.

Fourly, I was surprised at the price I got. I think £270 is a good price for a 12 year old car. I wonder if I would have got as good a price else where. Okay, I have to take into consideration the Ebay fees, but still I think I am quids in.

Finally, I was surprised at how easy it was, both to list as you just put your registration number in and the car details come up and for the final transaction itself.  Basiscally the guy just came and picked it up and paid and it was done.

Overall I am very happy with my experience.


Listing -

  • Be honest, if something is wrong, say so.  Oddly enough people often pay more for an item with a ruthlessly honest description - at least they know what they are buying!
  • Put as much detail in your listing as you can. The time is worth it.
  • Put as many photo's in as you can - you can put 8 in. Photograph any dents etc.
  • Cover the registration number while you photograph it. Don't ask me why, but most people do. (except me!)
  • If you think you might accept offers, or be willing to make one, do your research first so you know what your car is worth, but don't do your research by doing an Ebay search on completed items!
  • If you are not willing to accept offers, say so in your listing
  • Put a viewing day on the listing, I would suggest 24 hours before the listing ends at the latest.
  • Allow some time for answering questions.
  • Think about your safety when making arrangements for the car to be picked up.
  • Check out the feedback on the people that are bidding on it. You can cancel a bid on anyone you are unhappy with.



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