Selling women's clothes - the things that DON'T sell!

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I've already completed a guide on the women's clothing items that DO sell, but beware of wasting your time on things that frequently DON'T sell. Here is a little list to help you out, along with some solutions!
  • Market-stall 'brands': You buy a cheap tacky top off a market stall and for some reason it has a brand name like 'Couture Fashion' when actually it's....not. Now, the problem is, if you write a title for the item that says 'Tight top by Couture Fashion - One Size', people are going to be put off. Just never mention the brand name, let your buyers be intrigued and then hopefully you'll get some bids!
  • Damaged clothing: If you don't put in your title that the Diesel jeans you're selling have a broken zip, instead casually chucking that info in to the description, they are unlikely to sell. Solution? Just put in your title '2005 Diesel jeans w/broken zip' and say in the description it could easily be fixed, you just can't be bothered. That way all the sewing machine queens will bid.
  • Dated fashions: Fashions change all the time, but some things just stick. For example, the fashion these days is skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, but you'll still get a great price for Moto bootcut hipster jeans, even though they're not the fashion. HOWEVER, some fashions just aren't cricket today. Examples are...high waisted jeans with tapered legs (and I'm not talking about the short-lived trend for corset-waists that Victoria Beckham has popularised), skirt-over-trousers combos, hot pink leather-look jackets (I remember when everyone had one, but they go for peanuts on eBay), snakeskin-prints, skirt-suits with high-waisted skirts, some FCUK slogan t-shirts.....Now, that's not to say you shouldn't keep hold of that stuff, because hideous 80s fashions are now kitsch and 'in''s only a matter of time before my lilac plastic snakeskin biker jacket is back in fashion.
  • 90s clothing: It's not old enough to be vintage, it's not new enough to be seen dead in...90s clothing flatters nobody in this day and age, so you'd be best taking it to the charity shop.
  • Evening dresses...: They only sell well just before Christmas and throughout May (for school leaving proms etc). Otherwise you shouldn't expect to get much for your gorgeous Monsoon ball gowns.
  • 'Come on England' clothing: Yep, we all have a few tight garments in red, white and blue with stuff like 'Nice Tackle!' on the front, and yes, it's 18 months until the next time we need to get all patriotic about our football boys. However, don't free up wardrobe space by selling this stuff....if you want to sell it come Euro 2008, wait til a month before the actual tournament! You'll rake it in. I have a homemade crop-top with the 3 Lions on the front and I can't see myself wearing it for 18 months, but hey, it'll feel great when I finally do!
Hope this has helped you out! Love from Sooz x
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