Selling yarn

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Another one about item descriptions!

Most people who buy yarn are probably passionate about knitting or crocheting with it, and they can often find themselves faced with something that looks delightful, but that they're not sure about using because the description doesn't give enough detail.  For example the seller who told me once that if their description said "wool" it was "100% wool" but if it said "yarn" it wasn't.  Not very helpful with so many variations on wool mixes available - to say nothing of the ever-growing fibres available these days that can all be classified as yarn (even milk-fibre, would you believe!) 

Quite often, what can make the difference between a sale and a non-sale is quite simply how much information is there ready on the screen.  If you're selling something on Ebay, the last thing you want is for buyers to use the internet to hunt to see if the information they need is available elsewhere - they might well find the yarn available elsewhere, and cheaper too!  So giving as much information online as is available on the label - yardage / meterage, content, needle size etc, is a really good investment of a tiny bit more time.

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