Selling your genuine used Beachbody products on eBay

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We understand that sometimes you have a clear out and you see your old Beachbody programme on the shelf and you do not want to keep it or pass it on to a friend to benefit.
You may also have heard or read that Beachbody don't let people sell our programmes on eBay. This is not true!

Beachbody programmes are some of the most counterfeited DVD's ever produced, we have a right to protect our brand and because eBay has the propensity to have a high rate of counterfeit products sold on the platform, we work with eBay to monitor their platform closely to protect our company and the eBay community. Genuine, new Beachbody programmes are never sold at discount outlets or random online stores, if you have not purchased a genuine  Beachbody product and try to sell it on eBay, we will ask that the listing be removed. We do understand that sometimes people will not realise that they have a counterfeit product and we will always try to help anyone who asks politely for our help.
To successfully list your item:
1) Always write your own text copy - do not be tempted to copy and pasted something that you did not write from the Internet, it is likely that is copyrighted.
2) Always use your own pictures - equally do not be tempted to use photos or pictures that do not belong to you. This is a surefire way to have your listing taken down.
3) Be sure that the product you have is a genuine copy. Just because you bought it from eBay or Amazon or another website that 'looks' OK, does not mean that it is a genuine copy of a Beachbody programme. If you did not buy your Beachbody programme direct from Beachbody and are unsure if you have a genuine copy of a Beachbody DVD set, just email (UK and EU sites) or (every other country) to ask for clarification. The team will usually reply to you within one business day. 
That is all you need to do to guarantee that you will have no problems selling your used Beachbody programmes on eBay!

If you notice that there are lots of other listings that look just like your copy of a Beachbody programme and want to know why these listings are live, here are some reasons:
1)  eBay can take anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours to action every removal.
2) Sometimes it is necessary to leave a listing up to gather enough evidence about a counterfeiter before legal action can be taken.
3) The listing is genuine! Remember that Beachbody's Brand Protection Team are experts at spotting the differences between a genuine product and a counterfeit, an average consumer is unlikely to know what to look for.

Test Purchases: Sometimes our Brand Protection team will bid on Beachbody items, our intention is to win the item and we will always pay for a genuine item and expect that it is delivered to us. We do this as part of a random set of purchases as part of our monitoring of the platform. Just because we bid on your item does not implicate you and is not the same as accusing you of selling a counterfeit item. 
If you have had your listing removed by eBay for a claimed intellectual property infringement: STOP! Contact Beachbody and find out why. If you carry on re-listing the same item in the same way, you may have your eBay account suspended. Please also contact Beachbody rather than just trying to sell on a different selling platform. Beachbody works with lots of platforms to keep their communities safe and your listing is likely to be subject to the same checks on every platform.

We are happy to help you, just ask!
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