Selling your photgraphs on E-bay

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How To Sell Your Photos on Ebay
Are you interested in selling your photos online? Take a look at eBay, one of the largest auction sites on the internet. The site has a huge Art category, which means you can sell your photos to a huge, global community of buyers. You’ll need a seller’s account, a payment account (like Paypal), and a way to ship prints.
Create a Seller’s Account and Explore
This is easy to set up and only takes a few minutes. browse other auctions to get a feel for what works as a buyer. What photos attract you? You’ll notice some auctions have a more professional feel because they use web design or auction template software. If you don’t have access to either of those, start with the standard template.
Get Photos Ready
You’ll need to save your photos to either your computer or a hosted site. Your photos should be saved as a compressed JPEG file, which will take less time to load. Ideally, they should be between 450 to 650 pixels in length. This will ensure a clear and good size photo.
Pick a Category
You can search popular topics under Art. Make sure you pick a category that matches your photos. Some categories under Art include Photographic Images, Pre-1950, and Contemporary (from 1950 to now). Photos are further categorized by original/reprint, artist or dealer, condition, price, and color. These are areas you’ll want to choose as you upload each photo. Don’t be afraid to experiment with categories other than Art. If you’ve taken photos at a famed basketball game, look at possibly selling the photos under the Sports category.
Create Good Titles and Keywords
A good title can make or break an auction. When buyers search, the search engine only shows your title words. As people browse categories, they will see your title. eBay only allows 45 characters (including spaces), so use the space wisely with a catchy title. Next, make sure your description includes good keywords, like using specific places or names.
Price Your Auction To Sell
Keep in mind that most people on eBay are looking for a bargain. You could sell your photos without matting or framing, which makes the price lower. Another good tactic is to sell photos ranging from $10 to $15. Start your initial bid based on the least amount you’ll accept for the photos. Remember to include the cost of materials and shipping in the bid. Serious bidding generally takes place in the very last minutes of an auction. Remember fair pricing and quality work will build your eBay reputation and attract buyers.
Sell and Ship
Once the auction ends, the buyer with the last bid will “win” the auction. Paypal is the easiest way to accept payment. You’ll receive notice of the buyer and contact information. Ship your photos in between heavy cardboard or foam pieces. Protect the photos from any bending or any other damage during transit. sell art Online
That’s it! After your first auction, you’ll be hooked. It may take some patience, but over time, you’ll find eBay offers an effective place to sell your art.
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