Selmer Mark VI Re-laquer

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In addition to the excellent Guide to the Selmer Mark VI  I have some imformation regarding the relaquer myth.

I have been fortunate to talk at length with sax tech Martin Block. Martin was, up untill recently, the repair and service tech for Selmer in London and has over the 60 years he has been in the trade worked on the saxes for the top players.

I mentioned relaquers to Martin and his opinion was. Play the instrument. A relaquer if done properly (by hand and not machine buffed) makes no difference to the sound of a sax. Selmer would frequently relaquer insrtuments that were perhaps damaged before leaving the factory. Engraving was sometimes not as crisp due to many factors. These were hand made instruments after all.

Bottom line is Play the sax if possible and decide what you want the sax for.If you are collecting than you may be more concerned about the appearance of a sax than the playability. If you are a player don't be put off by the relaquer myth.  

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