Semi Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

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Semi Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

A semi-acoustic guitar or hollow-body electric guitar is a versatile instrument suitable for playing with or without an amplifier. You can find a variety of semi-acoustic guitars on markets like eBay. Before buying, know what factors to consider and choose the right pickup and wood type.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Semi Acoustic Guitar

A semi-acoustic guitar has a mellow sound ideal for jazz, blues, and country music, and it is lighter than a solid-body guitar. Comfort and sound are the two most important factors to consider when buying a semi-acoustic guitar. To establish which guitar brands and models are comfortable for you, visit a music store and try some of the models on offer. The ideal guitar should be light enough to prevent fatigue and comfortable when you play it in a seated position. The scale length, or distance between the bridge and nut, should make note selection effortless while producing the sound you want. Play the guitars and carefully listen to the differences in tonal quality to find the perfect sound for you. Familiarise yourself with the features and specifications of the guitars you like by reading customer and expert reviews and visiting manufacturers' websites.


Choosing the Right Semi Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Electric guitar pickups come in two variants: magnetic and piezoelectric or piezo. Piezo pickups work with all types of strings, but magnetic pickups work only with steel strings. Magnetic pickups further fall into single coil or humbucker categories. Single coil pickups create a bright, cutting tone with rich higher harmonics. Musicians typically use these pickups for country, blues, and vintage rock. Humbucker guitar pickups create smoother, rounder tones and tend to produce more sustain with less note definition. Some guitars come with humbucker and single coil pickup combinations. Piezoelectric guitar pickups produce signals that travel to preamplifiers usually built into the guitars. Musicians use these pickups to imitate the sound of an acoustic guitar. Multiple pickups increase versatility because they allow you to choose different guitar tones.


Semi Acoustic Guitar Wood Types

Although wood type does not have the same effect in electric guitars as it does in acoustic guitars, it affect the sound of a semi-acoustic guitar because this instrument shares some characteristics with an acoustic guitar. The sound the guitar creates with a magnetic pickup comes from the way the pickup interacts with the strings. However, the type of wood affects sustain and the way the string moves. This determines the tone of the guitar. Maple is one of the most common types of wood used in electric guitars. It creates clear, brilliant notes and emphasises trebles. Mahogany brings out midrange and bass tones for a mellower sound and enhanced sustain. Brazilian rosewood produces strong mid and high notes for a rich tone. Research the different types of woods used to manufacture semi acoustic guitars before you buy to ensure that you choose the best instrument your budget allows.

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