Sennheiser CX300 Spot The Fakes!

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When the fakes of these neat little headphones first appeared they were very easy to spot, often having a straight jack plug rather than one at a right angle, a central groove in the metal rim, rather than slightly off centre as on the genuine article and the Sennheiser logo had angular rather than slightly rounded edges.
The copies now look much better and without a genuine pair to compare to it's hard to spot a fake, especially as the packaging looks so real.   However it's the packaging that will give you the clue.   Look at the shadow area on the left of the guy's neck/t shirt.   If its slightly pixellated it could be a fake as this looks like the original packaging has been scanned and reprinted.   Genuine packaging will also tend to have a small sticker on the botton with a batch number.   If you open and try the earphones trust your ears!   If you are upgrading from the set that came with your ipod expect a significant improvement - if you don't smell a big rodent.   Also try pushing the phones into your ear gently - fakes often prodice a small cracking sound as you do this.   The metal rim on a fake may have a matt finish.   I made the mistake of buying a pair that I'm convinced are fake and doing the research later ( I couldn't resist a bargain!)  so spent £8.50 on a pair of, at best, very average quality. Having the sourced a genuine pair, not on ebay (costing £20), the difference is sound quality is well worth the extra cash.
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