Sennheiser Forgeries ~ BUYER BEWARE!!!

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It isn't like it's hard to tell this fakery from the start, at least for someone who has used, respected and depended on Sennheiser products for a long time, but I am impressed with the work that has gone into the whole scam.  So much effort, why not put it to a positive end and make your own quality microphones?  I know, all the required liscensing and quality control, for example for using/having an XLR connection...  We ended up with one in hand by accident, but have since, after lodging an immediate complaint, had a full refund.

What are the tells of this rip-off ~

1.) faded printing on the glossy sleeve, blues & greys.  The current Sennheiser packaging is more colourful and better printed...  These pirates have even gone to the bother of embossing the 'e' on the gossy sleeve.  Even the quality of the inner cardboard box is different, less than what Sennheiser uses.

Open the box ~

2.) the zip microphone pouch, really sad, thin, cheap plastic/nylon, flimsy.  It's not Sennheiser's usuals, either a heavy pouch made of a durable padded material like that used for quality backpacks, or leatherette.

3.) there's just a single copy of a general Sennheiser brochure covering the series, again badly printed, grainy.  Two things missing are the proper booklet for the specific microphone and a Sennheiser warranty card...

4.) no mic clip, a standard inclusion with any of the microphones in the Sennheiser Evolution series.  This family of Sennheiser microphones is currently the greater part of what are repeatedly up for offer here at eBay as 'New', 'in the box' & 'Sennheiser' ~ from the UK and beyond, including China. 

5.) The mic itself ~ cosmeticly, at least initially, would fool most folks unfamiliar with Sennheisers excellent microphones ~ but look close, compare with the real thing ~ that ain't no Sennheiser.  I'd be afraid to plug it in, the XLR connection in the end is not right.  They won't have bothered to pay a license for it.  It also is a fake.  The mic has weight, it looks pretty good on the surface, even after removing the windcap ~ but it is not real, it is a counterfeit, a forgery, a handful of potential problems.  There are several ways to tell, but your best bet would be to compare it to the real thing...

6.) I have talked with Sennheiser and they are very aware of this.  People keep sending them the forgeries for repair.  NOTE ~ THEY ARE NOT UNDER WARRANTY!!! ~ unless you purchase them from an authorized and proven Sennheiser dealer...  It usually isn't that much more in price to have that added security, to know you have the thing you wanted and that it is covered by warranty...

Note: Sennheiser has more information on their website, including the statement to the effect that "Genuine Sennheiser products are not shipped from China!" ~ & ~  "Fake microphones and headphones have now proliferated throughout the marketplace":

http://www.sennheiser -dot- co -dot- uk/uk/icm.nsf/root/contact_ebay

Good luck with your purchases, but beware the scams.  They are an artful lot.  I'm impressed, with all the effort and skill required to do this ~ but I've no time for such pirates and the notion that it's alright to screw other people out of their hard earned cash...


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