Sennheiser Style MX75 (MX 75)

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I thought I'd pen a quick review of these earphones because it took me a while to find what I was after.
These are marketed as sports earphones, and quite right too. I have tried many earphones in the gym and found them wanting; they almost always fall out of your ears, or can't cope with the sweat (apologies to the squeamish).
These Sennheiser Style MX75s work very well. The clever design allows them to fit into the ear and, importantly, remain there. They are comfortable, at least I find them comfortable for the 90 mins I wear them at any one time. The cable is a generous length with the left hand earpiece cable is shorter than that of the right (why do they do that?). The connector, which is the standard jack, looks and feels well-made.
As for the sound, it is very crisp through the high and mid range but lacks, in my opinion, bass definition. This is not a problem if you have an equalizer on your chosen media player. Some users report that the volume isn't great, but this hasn't been a problem for me (I'm not an iPod fan, mainly because of the poor volume output, so this may explain the low volume issue with some users).
All in all I would heartily recommend these earphones on the basis of both their performance and price.
For the record; I use the Sennheiser Style MX75 with a Nokia 5800 Xpress handset.
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