Setting up GPRS Internet and MMS on Chinese phones

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Important:  If you you entering settings for the iPro i6, do not delete any of the pre-configured data accounts.  Either edit one of the existing ones or create another account.  Deleting an account can have adverse affects on the functionality of the phone.

This guide is intended to help you set up GPRS WAP Internet and MMS on Chinese mobile phones or any phone where your network provider cannot send you the settings.  It was written with a particular phone in mind but any differences will be minimal and should be easy to work out.

The basics of the process are to set up a data account for your network, set up a profile, link the data network to the profile then activate that profile.  Same for MMS.

Please follow the instructions below, note that the settings are slightly different for PAYG and contract on most networks.   Use all lower case but it doesn't matter for the data account and profile names.

See the following for links to the settings you need.

GPRS, WAP (do this first)
Go to services from the main menu, choose data account then either create a new account or edit one of the existing ones.   Change the name to something suitable like ('network name' GPRS) and enter the access point, username and password for your network that you have obtained from the above links.  Authentication is normal, you don't need the DNS numbers if you don't have them.

One thing I have noticed is that for Orange use orangeinternet as the access point , at least for pay as you go, but probably contract as well.

Then go to Web Serives, choose settings and profiles and again add a new profile or edit an existing one.  Give it a name like ('network name' WAP) and enter the home page.  Next select the data account that you created in the earlier step.  On connection type select WAP and enter the IP address and again enter the username and password.  Finally make sure you activate the profile on the sim you are using.

Set up a data account for MMS in the same way you set up a data account for GPRS above but using the settings from the MMS web page, call it ('network name' MMS).   You want to link this to your profile that you will create in the next step.  Some networks, it seems, use the same data account for GPRS and MMS so it's not always necessary to create a separate data account for MMS but it's a good idea anyway.

Go to messaging, MMS settings, profiles, add a new profile and enter the settings from the links above.  Choose the data MMS account you created in the last step, connection type WAP, enter the IP address, username and password, then save and activate the account.
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