Sevylor Canyon sc320 inflatable canoe

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Although Sevylor have brought out some great boats in the past the Canyon Sc320 is a dog.

The main problem is that unlike other sevylor kayaks it relies on its outer cover to keep the boat watertight , this would not be a problem if it was a one piece material but it has a sewn seam all along this is taped with a waterproofing tape but simply does not work

normally water in an inflatable kayak is not a problem as most of them have self bailer ports for the water to flow out of , this cannot be done on the Canyon because the bottom inflation simply drops in so as the boat fills with water this simply rises and the result is after 10 minutes you are sat in 3" of water if you have bought one of these from solelymarine and it is faulty you are welcome to return it, If your planning on buying one elsewhere i would recommend against it, If you have bought one elsewhere and they will not refund it go to your credit card company or citizens advice

Why we have this view is simple - If we do not believe in an item we will not sell it

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