Shampoo for Itchy Scalp UK - What are the best rated?

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When looking for a Shampoo for Itchy Scalp or even the well known psoriasis scalp which is a heavily inflamed scalp which can not only cause dryness but also itchy scalp at unbelievable levels - there are many shampoos that work, and the top rated one is the Taoist Handmade Soap (yes, soap for hair!) as follows: 

1. Taoist Handmade Soap (from is powerful soap designed for scalp and skin, and soothes the scalp in more ways than one (including inflammation), yet so pure, it is even edible! This is a soap that can safely be used on the scalp and when allowed to be left on the scalp for at least 3-5 minutes, it helps not only renewal of the hair follicles to produce thicker natural hair, but restores the scalp condition to how it should be. 

2. Biovea Itchy Scalp Treatment Shampoo is another option, not as effective and natural as the taoist soap, but still used by some people to treat itchy scalp - only recommended if the Taoist handmade soap is not available for some reason, as they are a private company and availability of the soap is limited. 

3. The E45 Shampoo for itchy scalp is also a shampoo sold for this condition but not proven to be as effective as the first two mentioned. 

4. Kerastase shampoo which is also used for itchy scalp is the least of our favorites because of the heavy use of chemicals which can cause further hair damage and hair thinning, so we do not recommend using this shampoo for such conditions at all. 

But handling itchy scalp by only products is not the best way - it is better to incorporate it to a wider routine to help stop this and allow your nervous system to better handle it. For example, you can add an exercise routine to help use up the excess sugar in your body (inflammation feeds off from sugar, even natural sugar) which in turn will stop the painfulness of the inflammation - sometimes it will be enough to completely stop the condition altogether. 

Another thing to must have in your weekly or every 2 week eating routine is bone soup - ideally made from Oxtail - this helps renew the digestive system (as the body does not work hard to digest it) - allowing it to better absorb nutrients the next time you eat - some people like going on a bone soup only diet, but this is your choice. 

Combining this with the tools mentioned above, you will be sure to get rid of your itchy scalp condition right away. 
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