Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell Figure

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Although prices vary, here is list of prices which some Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell have gone for.

The Bride £650

Gardener's Boy £644

Patricia £599

Boy Golfer £585

MLA Boo Boo (Blue Pixie) £465

Boo Boo (Blue) on Donkey £375 

Green Boo Boo £365

Girl & Dog £275

Green Boo Boo Milk Jug £14

A Boo Boo is a type of pixie. As you can tell Green Boo Boos are the most commonest, and people will pay more for Shelleys about golf and gardening. Of course there is also plates and bowls. The later figures were by Enesco (with pastel shades and about the same size as Hummels-Shelley figures look unposed and have a sheen about them) and obviously do not go for as much.


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