Sherco 4.5i

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First Impressions

When you catch a glimpse of the sherco 4.5i it's hard to imagine that this really is their first attempt at building a bike for this market. Its graphics and styling are eally eye catching in  striking and aggressive way. From the front it has a definite spanish look about it and for a 450 it looks very slim. In fact, it's hard to pick a faultwith it aesthetically,except maybe for the topchain protector. But that could be a homolgation thing and it.s the only real giveaway that this bike is produced by a team of trials experts.

As far as ergonomics go nothing feels out of place and it is generally comfortable. Ans before you ask: yes-it does feel as slim as it looks. Occasionally when you jump onto a new machine that you've not ridden before you find it easy to pick or find a fault,however,there was no need with the sherco. I was impressed. Most enduro bikes are fully kitted up with electric push button starter systems but the Sherco 4.5i is of the key in the ignition variety,which is a bit flash and very easy to start. As you'd expect with modern day enduro bikes,they are-and need to be-quiet as hell(not that I know how quiet it is in hell),and the Sherco is no exception. It fires into life at the touch of a button and,as I found out,its dulcet tones were actually quite deceptive

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