Shill Bidding:

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eBay is a fabulous place to buy and sell, whether it be as a hobby or as a business. Unfortunately, the world of eBay is also subjected to some very unscrupulous sellers. They wait for people to place a bid on the item they have for sale and that is great. So the person winning that item wants to make sure he doesn't lose it and places a slightly higher bid. And THIS is where the problems start. The seller then gets his/her "best mate" to place a bid on the item for sale and nudges the price up until he/she is just under the top bid. Not wanting to risk losing the item, the winning bidder increases his/her bid even further and along comes "best mate" and squeezes in between again, all the time increasing the price for the seller, quite often to a point where it is being sold for more than the item is actually worth. "Double bidding" or increasing your highest bid is like a "red rag to a bull" for Shill bidders.
When bidding normally for their own purposes, Shill bidders usually only place the one bid on an item just before the end but when they are increasing the prices on their mate's items, they place multiple bids and who suffers for this? THE GENUINE BIDDER!!
How can you avoid this happening to you?
There are two ways to avoid this and they are both unbelievably simple; either you wait until the final few seconds before placing your MAXIMUM bid, or you wait until you have been outbid and place a final MAXIMUM bid just before the end. That way, "best mate" won't be pushing up the prices for his/her seller friend and the cost of the item will, or should, be more reasonable and realistic and the Shill bidding practice will decrease. Shill bidding IS AGAINST eBay rules.
One of my customers discovered this was happening to him when he was increasing his bid on an item he wanted to purchase with another seller. Luckily, he discovered what was happening  fairly soon after placing his bids and reported the seller to eBay. Needless to say, he didn't buy that item in the end.
A good top when buying is to decide how much that item is worth to you BEFORE you place your initial bid and think about it again if the item reaches that figure.
So place one bid at a time, eliminate the Shill bidders and enjoy eBay!!
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