Shill Bidding - Obvious Caught and reported

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Today I am writing to warn people about shill bidding. 
What is shilling/Shill Bidding? its people using 2nd or relatives accounts to bid on their own item to inflate the final end price.
It is very obvious that I caught this ebayer and therefore reported them to ebay. 
Goes by the name of "vickstar29_123"
Scenario is I was trying to look for a broken laptop for a small repair project and a cheap laptop for me to use then I came accross the shill bidders item. 
I entered a bid but seconds later I out outbidded - 2 bids after me by the same person. 
Then I checked out the history and that bidder had 4 bid retractions where they entered 40 bids over 20 items all with the same seller.(says 100% actvity with them) 
The items ranged from baby items to cameras and laptops. 
So what are the chances of someone needing all them items from the same seller? 
I made sure they was shilling by checking their completed listings and feedback.  
Apparently seller had numerous bad feedback where they wont sell to the highest bidder if they consider the price is too 
low despite there was no reserve.
Also on their completed listings i found out that all the items won by the suspected shill bidder were instantly relisted. 
Now I'm convinced they are shilling and will report them and hope they get banned. 
So people please be aware of these evil sellers and I hope you keep an eye out there.
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