Shill Bids...........A Serious Ebay Policy breach !

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A friend Case study.
An Update!

Yesterday My friend called me and said ebay had ended all of his 103 listings....Woah.......So I said, Ebay Also removed over 200 of his feedbacks which were deemed to have been gained through feedback manipulation.

What actually happened was that he sells ebooks and because he is new and needed to set up a delivery software, he had to open a second ebay account in order to be able to test the delivery of his products.....He set the price as low as $0.01 so that he could test as may as possible....sadly this is not explainable to ebay as ebay saw his account to contain more than 30 feedback from the second account with a winning bid of $0.01 for each item and other items which are over 100 bought and sold for $0.01

He had gained over 300 feedback rating in the past one month and as a result of ebay scrutinizng his account , the feedback was left to 89 plus all his listing was also cancelled. Ebay placed a restriction on his account so that he will not be able to list any item using auction for the next 14days. Ebay did not return the listing fees which is high and because the listing were ended, the sales pages for each item can not be retrieved back again as they had been taken off ebay database. This is hard job if you know what it takes to create one.

My friend felt the punishment is too much as he was never given a warning before the actions .......Ooops... Didn't know where to start again. However, this guide is not to make a gest or make you feel excited but to warn you seriously if you are on similar path. Ebay normally check individual accounts randomly and periodically so if you feel you been doing similar thing please stop if possible as you might never know when ebay will check your account and mind you if you are very unfortunate you would have gathered thousands of feedbacks before this happens ...this can be very painful and frustrating trust me...

We can not blame ebay for doing this as there are set policy that were meant to be read before agreeing to sign up but rarely do anyone take time to read it all. CONGRATULATIONS to those who had faced this strike in the past as it makes them stong, and to those of you who have not but on similar path or just thinking of it ..."OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE" they say.

Keeping trust is one best way to help sanitize the ebay community.

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