Shilling Bidding/Private Listings/Feedback

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As all us ebayers are aware shilling bidding is become more of a problem everyday, even on the lowest price items, which is so obvious when the listing is one with the bidders identity protected, in my view these auctions should only be allowed on items of a sexual nature our health treatments, also as I am becoming more aware of shilling bidding in many forms to long to explain but will update when I have full details.Another problem that is feedback when you pay for an item the seller should have to leave your feedback at that point, as I sure your all aware you sometimes receive an item which is not as described our just worn out but at that point you do not want to leave bad feedback as you know you will receive bad feedback from the seller so he covers his arse and then just say well its only a fiver ill let it go just to keep my 100% feedback.The feedback should be related to how you pay and comumicate not be held to ransom by a seller who knows there items are iffy.
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