Shoddy Chiniese Smokers Pipes

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We Purchased Several Items From  ntxmas

Ebay Member ID ntxmas This Member 10/12/2011

The Items Were To Be Delivered Between 21 December to 29 & they Did arrive Well Packaged quick Arrival All But one item arrive within 10-12 day period Superb.

Item No 160680073679  Black Vintage Tobacco Smoke Smoking Pipe Men Gift 15cm

 Leaving me with a dilemma the price was £0.99 + P&P £0.89  All Items Although Purchased Within Minutes Of Each Other  Additional P&P Per Item I Did Overlook The P&P   ( Costing  Treble Postage Than Items Values )

As this is the usual Ebay Approved & condoned With Ebay Full Support SELL SUBSTANDARD ITEM FROM CHINA AND TRY YOUR LEVEL BEST TO RIP OFF THE E BAY COMMUNITY.

 RIP OFF THE BUYER AFTER ALL WE ARE RESIDENT OF RIP OFF BRITAIN It appears that not only Conglomerates Try To RIP US OFF now the smaller Minions Are Having GO.


We Wrote To Vendor ntxmas 28 December 2011 23:20:23

Dear Member

Happy New Year

We received this item in very good time as indicated via feed back, owing to the festive occasion that was fast approaching & as an avid ebay member my first thoughts were to inform you of receipt of some items that arrived very fast.

But upon further inspection & reviewing this item in particular & further Cross referencing the product with the picture & description the glass insert is missing from 1 PIPE & the RING that is indicated From The Picture Is Missing Altogether from both items.

will not fasten securely together I have not as yet used the items until I have had the opportunity of contacting you first thus I would therefore request that the missing item`s .

Two Rings
One Plastic insert be forwarded to complete the package.

Thank you

I await your response


For & on Behalf Topclearence.

Sellers Reply ntxmas  29-Dec-11 06:55
Dear eBay Member: topclearence,

Thank you for taking your time to write to us.

Sorry our product brings so much trouble to you, we understand the concerns and frustrations you might have, could you please give us the opportunity to solve it?

Would you accept 1.50 GBP as a compensation for you? If you agree, please confirm your paypal email address with us for the refund,if you have any other advice please feel free to let us know.We will be very appreciate for your patience and understanding.

PS: There is no need sending the original item back.

Thank you and have a great day.

Your sincerely,
Customer Service Dept..
eBay Seller

- ntxmas


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