Shoe Care

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Renata Shoe Care

You are now the proud owner of a pair of high quality leather shoes, and we want you to be fully satisfied.

To maintain them in perfect condition we recommend you clean them regularly, with one of the specialist polishes, actually matched to the shoes. Before you wear them the first time cleaning is highly recommended. The use of shoe trees when the shoes are not being worn is also recommended.

Most retailers sell an extensive range of shoe care products to help you look after your shoes.

When the time arrives for your shoes to be repaired, (unfortunately they don't last forever) take them to a good quality repairer. Stick on rubber soles are not recommended nor needed on the high quality bottom leather we use.

Always wear a pair of leather soled shoes the first two or three times on very dry days preferably on concrete pavements. The concrete grit tightens the fibres of the leather, and they will give much longer wear. Wet conditions do just the opposite and do irreparable damage. Do this of course even after a repair.

Leather is a natural product with an abundance of advantageous qualities. It is naturally beautiful, and of course, very comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, leather is NOT waterproof, or guaranteed against staining if worn in very wet conditions.

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