Shoes, dresses &.....Clothes!!

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Quick suggestions for when either selling or buying these items (I am mainly talking about women's things here, but it DOES apply generally) - list all relevant sizes - I am a UK seller/buyer so I will list in these sizes. However, Europe/World sizes differ so in addition to listing a UK 12 dress, for example, I will try to list length, waist, hips and bust too - if it isn't specified, as a buyer, you should ask BEFORE bidding. Same with shoes - different brands DO vary - I wear alot of Jimmy Choo who has 'true' UK sizing; Christian Louboutin, Prada, Miu Miu and some others, come up very small - again, list/ask the insole and width measurements - if they aren't listing in the description - ask! Shoes are particularly tricky - in addition to different brands and different UK & international sizing, beware of 'vintage' sizing - which tends to be much smaller - GINA as a good example needs to be one full UK size bigger on me if it's vintage - I have a number of UK size 5's which are vintage Gina - which fit my perfect size 4 feet.... In short - Ask. Double check even if you think you already know. It avoids a situation where you buy or sell something which wasn't 'quite' what you were expecting!!
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