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Ebay has not just become a place to buy cheap second hand items but it is also a place where companies are able to expand their business and bring greater variety to the customers. From the comfort of your home you can buy all the items and necessities without having to take a single step.

The only downside of purchasing from ebay is that there is always a risk involved. You can never be 100% sure if your item will turn up on your doorstep after spending sometimes large amounts of money. There are simple and effective ways to help with this as described below:

  • Check the seller's feedback, don't just check the normal feedback page but check the 'feedback as a seller' page to get a better idea of the customer satisfaction. Also check the seller's rating, any rating above 90% can be considered reliable
  • Check the delivery options. Does the seller offer a postage insurance? If there is no postage option and the seller is not willing to provide it then be careful as some sellers may claim the item has been posted when all they have done is taken your money - unfortunatly I have had experience of this myself. If the seller provides proof of postage then it's fair to say that there is no need to doubt if the item has been posted. Royal Mail has been known to lose parcels so the best option for any person buying from ebay would be to use recorded delivery. It covers items to the value of £32, provides a tracking number and requires a signature upon reciept and only costs 70p extra on top of the standard first / second class postage cost.
  • Does the seller accept Paypal? Buying with paypal means automatic insurance to the value of £500. If you pay via paypal and the seller has not sent the item then simply report to paypal and you may recieve a full refund depending on the individual cases.
  • Read the item description carefully! Sometimes sellers try to con the customers by misrepresenting information and having a small exclusion clause at the end of the listing. You may think you are purchasing a new mobile phone but after paying for the item and not recieving it you see that at the end of the listing it states that they are not selling a phone but rather information on where to buy them cheap.
  • Communication is vital with sellers so before purchasing an item it may be advisable to ask them a general question to see if they respond. If they do not respond to potential buyers then it might be risky as they may not reply after a purchase has been made.

By keeping these few steps in mind when purchasing an item the chances of losing out to a con are greatly reduced and you may pick up some great bargains. Support companies and genuine private sellers who make an effort to keep every customer happy. Buy your essentials, food, medicines all in one go to take the strain out of the weekly shopping. Convenience is at hand with ebay! and that is why we love it

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