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Stockport - A Miniature Manchester!

Okay, well for those of you that DON’T live in the UK, the first thing you need to do is book a flight to Manchester Airport. For those of you that DO live in the UK you can get there by train!

With any look we’ll all meet up at Manchester Airport bus station!

Once there the bus that takes you to Stockport is the ‘369’, it’s a stage coach bus and takes about half an hour to get there, when you get on the bus, you’ll find that the fare there is about £2 or less. Then pick a seat, sit back and enjoy the ride!

On the way to Stockport you drive through Wythenshawe (which isn’t really a town but it’s the closest thing to a shopping center this close to the airport), Heald Green (there is a nice pub here called the Heald Green, it does great food also! But don’t even think of getting off this bus yet, Stockport’s not far away so hold on to that hunger!). Adswood (there are big train bridges just before then so you will notice those!) and then as we get closer Edgeley (a sweet little shopping precinct opposite Stockport County FC ground), it’s not far now! The Stockport College is on the left hand side of the street after the roundabout before we turn into Wellington Road, they cater for all kinds of different studying there and it’s also a learndirect center, for those of you with busy lives! Get off the bus in the Stockport Town Center, you’ll probably be in the middle of a load of bus stands, so look for the bus information office (it’s noticeable) and head for there.

You’ll notice that the info office is sort of under a big bridge, carry on through it’s on an upward slope and then before you’re very eyes you will see STOCKPORT. Rows and rows of high street shops, big names like Index, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer’s, HMV. It’s a really nice center, mainly because it’s not as co ngested as Manchester City Center, but also because the selection of shops is good as well.

Making you way over the road to the shops, you will notice that the precinct is actually part-covered, head that way and go and explore the shops some more! Another really nice thing about Stockport is that its well looked after, its clean and a pleasure to walk round. On the other side of the covered area takes you into the heart of the precinct, it’s where the car park (if you decided not to take the bus) is, above the shops.

And then as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a huge market, great value too. It sells everything from apples to audiotapes, mops to meat products, zombies to zebras (toys I mean!)

There’s also a tattoo parlor (I had two of mine done here) and a few other rather dodgy looking shops including the infamous ‘cannabis café’!

Right, so lets check out some other cool things in Stockport – you will have to backtrack on yourself towards the bus station again, but before you reach the info office, look towards your left and you should see a set of stone steps, head that way and make your way up to the top!

Okay now continue up the road and at the earliest opportunity turn right the main road in front of you is Wellington road, turn left there and you should now be able to see McDonalds across the other side – wait a minute don’t be so eager to cross over just yet, I know you’re hungry but just take a minute to appreciate Stockport Library on your left-hand side. What great architecture, fancy reading a book or two? Okay, okay I know your hungry, but do we have to eat at McDonalds?

Cross over anyway and carry on up past McDonalds, immediately after there’s a BurgerKing and facing there there’s a Pizza Hut and above BurgerKing there’s a Fatty Arbuckle’s! Choices, choices! Where shall we eat!

McDonalds – Familiar ( it’s the same all over the world), cheap and convenient!
BurgerKing – As above, better quality but a few pence dearer for the fresh salad!
Fatty Arbuckle’s – used to be great but I think there having financial problems, there standard isn’t as good as it once was.
Pizza Hut – and aren’t we lucky because on a weekday they have a special offer, an ‘all you can eat buffet’ for only £4.99 per person. Good Choice!

After getting stuffed like the crust on the pizza are you ready to go! Come out of Pizza hut and turn right, a little further up there’s a lovely pub called the Grand Central, reasonable prices and they do food in there also. On the left it’s the Grand Central Swimming and health center. Fancy a peak? This swimming pool was about the best in Greater Manchester until they built the Aquatics Center in Manchester. It has a children’s part complete with flumes and a bubble spa/hot tub to relax in! There is also a great pool for serious swimmers, and space for spectators to sit! There is also a gym equipped with all the latest health/fitness equipment.

But to be completely honest I’d much prefer a movie after all that pizza! You would, no problem, lets head on over to the UGC multi-screen cinema, it’s directly opposite the swimming center and it has all the latest releases. Romance, Horror, Sci-fi, what takes your fancy…..

One film later…

Great film, okay now on with the tour. Look over to your left and you can see the ten-pin bowling arena and laser quest, but more importantly, the nightclub ‘Heaven and Hell’, it costs about a fiver to get in, and it plays mostly pop/trendy music.

So if your not too tired, how do you fancy bopping the night away with me!
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