Shopping for LED bulbs: the Tips

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Things have greatly changed over the years in lighting technology. You may go to the market to buy a bulb and fail to make the right choice because you do not understand the specifications on the bulb. This challenge is what article will give you the solution for.

Lumen, not watts

LED bulbs are described using what they produce and not what they consume. Lumen describes the output of a bulb while watts describe what the bulb consumes. Lumen will tell you the brightness while watt will tell you the energy used. LED is labeled and ranked using lumen. The one with more lumens is the best. Incandescent bulbs are ranked using watts since they are not energy efficient, and their output depends on the consumption. When you go buying pick the best bulb by looking at the lumen specification that will tell you the quality of the bulb.


Your bulb must specify how long it should serve you. A good LED bulb should last at least 50,000 hours however today some last even 100, 000 hours. You need a bulb that will last you a longer time and not a bulb that will take you a year then you replace. Check on the LED datasheet for the life of the bulb.


The color rendering index of your LED bulb must be specified. This will help you know how real objects illuminated by the bulb will appear. CRI ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the CRI , the more real objects appear. As the bulb tends towards 100, it is approaching the quality of daylight. Depending on the bulb’s application you can choose different CRI.


Correlated color temperature can confuse you a bit. This is what will tell you the temperature of the light produced by your bulb. If you want a warm, a light you can choose. CCT is measured in Kelvin. A warm bulb has a CCT of 2700K, and you will see this on the label. A cool bulb has CCT of above 4500K. Cool or warm refers to the color of the light and not the temperature since you can see that cool is 4500 while warm is 2700, cool light is bluish white while warm is yellowish white. You can therefore choose on the color of light you want your bulb to produce.

You have just gotten a few tips on how to choose a LED bulb from the shop. There is one thing you must never forget when buying any lighting device, and that is a certification. Your bulb must have a certification from a recognized body like ENERGY STAR. This can ensure that it will be energy efficient and safe for you and anyone else around.
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