Should I turn my fish aquarium light off at night?

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Should I turn my fish aquarium light off at night?

For those of you starting out with an aquarium fish tank then you are probably wondering how long to keep the lights on. The best advice would be to leave the lights off during the day, turn lights on when you get back home and turn lights off when you go to bed. Fish do need rest and it is important to simulate day and night. Also, some fish are nocturnal for example bottom feeders and pecs so turning the light off on your aqaurium allows these fish to come out.

Do fish need light?

The light is completely unnecessary for fish, however water plants do need a lot of light, so you should leave the light on during the day and off at night if you have plants.

If you plan on keeping the aqaurium light on for long peroids of time then no more than 12 hours per time. Try to make sure that when you turn off the lights that the tank is in total darkeness for atleast 2 hours per day.

Does too much light promote algae growth?

Yes, too much light can promote algae growth. To avoid excess algae growth then make sure you don't use the aqaurium light for long peroids of time or invest ina good filter and water cleaning products.

Whichever method you choose make sure you keep consistant, that way you'll keep your fish happy.

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