Shun the shimmering silk that's secretly striped ...

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I bought several ready-cut 4-yard lengths of 'shimmering silk' from eBay seller tapasa2000. Silly me, I even left glowing feedback for it; the colours look wonderful and the texture firm. Before I began to make it up, I hand-washed it gently to see whether it would shrink (which I was expecting, and am not complaining about). What I didn't expect to see was that most lengths of cloth now had horizontal stripes running right across them - as if the dye lot in the weft yarn had been changed part-way through. They're very noticeable, and in the worst case I managed to get enough material for one blouse out of two 4-yard lengths; the rest will have to be used as lining.

Of course, having left positive feedback before handwashing it (when the stripes didn't show) there's nothing I can do about it with the seller. But I'd like to warn other eBay buyers to be very, very careful - in fact the only benefit is a new tongue-twister: shun the shimmering silk that's secretly striped.

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