Shure SE530PTH Noise Isolating Earphones E500PTH SE530

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I recently bought an ipod classic 160GB after spending a month or two deciding if I would get good use out of one or not walking to work. I took the plunge and bought one eventually. I have to say I was overjoyed with the ipod in general but felt the earphones provided were a bit loose in my ear and whilst walking I could hear everything else without any problem at all. Thing is this detracted from the music I was trying to listen to. I did a few searches on the internet and found the brand name Shure came up alot with expensive in ear noise cancelling earphones etc. I did a little homework and found these to be professional quality headphones but were a little on the expensive side. Must be good I thought. I tried the ipod earphones for about another week and thought the ipod would be even better if I had some good/great earphones so I took the plunge and ordered the Shure SE530 Earphones all the way from america. The price I thought would be well worth it if they did what they said on the Shure website. £225.00 plus postage I paid for them. They came in a great looking metal box, loads of different shaped rubber/foam inserts to accomodate just about any shape or size of ear, extension wires galore and loads of instructions etc.... They certainly looked the business!

When I plugged them in I expected this great bass response the website declared they would reproduce. I expected not to hear anything outside of my head other than great quality loud music. I almost thought that my hearing might be damaged they'd be that loud as Shure boast that they can damage your ears they are that good and have a seperate volume control that has to be operated with a tiny ( Supplied in the box ) screwdriver. I tried adjusting this ot make them louder and found no difference at all...louder or quieter. In all honesty they are good looking earphones that fit differently in your ear but that's all. The foam inserts are no better than the Sony earphones I have for my mobile phone and for this sort of money I expected great sound qulaity at a reasonable noise level. The sound quality is no better than the supplied ipod earphones and they are about the same response so no louder. Yes they come in a great looking box with wires, plugs, inserts, screwdriver, wax remover and double adaptors but I only wanted some earphones that would be loud, clear, fit tightly and cancel noise from the outside world as advertised. They do no more than the ipod earphones other than fit snuggly. Although they do cancel noise via the rather large add on battery powered unit you clip to your shirt or jacket. This is a bit weird though as the noise has to be constant. An engine in a car or plane for example not someone coughing which can still be heard clearly.

My advice would be try the Sony earphones. I like them better although the odd short left ear lead and extra long right ear lead has always bemused me. The ipod ones too are great although a little loose fitting. The Shure are just expensive! Other than that there is little difference. I would never had paid more than £35.00 had I had listened to them first let alone over £200+

My adive is my own personal choice obviously but I hope it gives you a little guidance towards a better choice by you. They are not worth the money they fetch at all. Avoid them if you can.

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