Siemens Gigaset Digital Cordless Home Telephones

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I have been watching the goings on on eBay for quite sometime time now. And It has become imperative and expedient that I produce this guide for potential buyers.

It is true that you can get very good deals on ebay. But these fantastic deals can mostly be realised from purchase of used items.

For example, a seller may want to get rid of a used item very quickly. As a result he can list item for a very low price.

But this principle does not apply to brand new items like the new range of Siemens Gigaset Bluetooth Home Telephones.

Buyers have to be extra careful if they want to be happy with their purchases of new items that are listed for far below cost price.

I am not referring to auction listing. I refer to listing with Fixed Prices or Buy it Now Prices.

Come to think of it. No one lists a brand new item on ebay with no interest of making some gain. No one will deliberate list a brand new item in order to make a loss from sale.

When items are listed for far below cost price or market value, on further investigation, you will find out that item has either been used, reconditioned, or returned. Surely something is wrong with item in almost all cases.

If buyer is not cautious he becomes unhappy because of item was misrepresented.

Here are some guides to assist buyers in securing a perfect purchase:

  • Research the original price on the net
  • look out for sellers' return policy. If there is no return policy all is not lost. See item description for manufacturer's warranty. If there are warranties you are all good.
  • Make sure the item is listed as new and sufficient description is provided. Sometimes sellers deliberately omit to state the condtion of the item.
  • Check out feedbacks. And read comments left by buyers. Especially, read negative feedback and try to discern what prompted the said feedback.
  • See also if seller provides an opportunity for buyer to purchase postal insurance. This is very important in case of postal issues.
  • If there are any other issues you need clarified do not hesitate to contact seller. And do properly document seller's response.
  • Check out the amount of time a seller takes in answering questions. Some of these sellers with loads of feedbacks do not bother to respond promptly to buyers questions. This will give you an idea of the kind of customer service to expect after sales.
  • Be very prudent while buying from a seller who is listed in another ebay site with a language that you do not understand. Get someone to translate the item description into the language that you do understand before making a purchase. Otherwise you might be dissapointed with product. You can also use internet translation service like the AltaVista BabelFish Translation website (www. Check the site out. You might find it very usefull. I use this website myself. Though the translation is not 100 percent accurate but you will able to understand.
  • Yet again, be very carefull buying from German ebayers. After making payment through paypal they will ask you for more money to cover paypal fees. This has happened to me twice.
  • I have just discovered that some sellers have deviced an ingenious means of extorting money from buyers. What they do is that they take advantage of exchange rate when dealing with two or more different currencies. When buyer buys and pays for item using paypal in a currency that is different from that of buyer they request for additional money to cover paypal cost. If you are not willing to pay this additional cost they will offer a refund. Now you know that as a buyer you won"t want to accept a refund because you will lose money due to the exceptionally high paypal exchange rate. (In this regard paypal is like western union). You end up paying extra fee because the buying hold majority of the aces. This has happened to me so be carefull. Before bidding or buying from seller with a different currency to yours do request if you will be paying for any additonal fees.
  • Again, we all know how import feedback is in ebay community. I have discerned that some sellers do not bother to leave feedback for buyers even after buyers have left a positive feedback score for them. This practice is especially prevalent with sellers with loads of feedback score. What you should do as a buyer is request  seller to leave feedback first promising that you will do same for him.
  • Finally, take time out to read sellers About Me  page if he is got one. You might think this a waste of item but you will be surprised how confident and kind of connected you become with seller if he truely presents himself in his 'pages perso'

There you have it. Hope this helps. If it does help do rate it.

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