Signed books

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When buying a signed 1st edition check when and where signed plus the seller

unfortunately now many signed books can be misleading check out from the seller when they got the book signed - which bookstore can they provide proof - a photo of the author signing the book - can the signing be checked on the stores website

There are a few dealers who sell regularly on ebay - these are easily recognized by the items they have for sale and the type of listings

Unfortunately now you find with a high profile signing people will copy others listing and photographs declaring they were there - ask questions - sellers of authentic goods are happy to answer buyers questions and many will have additional photos they can provide - and check out the history of the seller

Be wary of someone who suddenly has several highly unobtainable signed 1st editions on 1 day only auctions with photos that match other sellers - always ask if you are unsure

Certificate of authenticity is unfortunately not worth the paper it is printed on - their is no official worlwide body - many are issued by groups who members have to pay to join - to get a dealer registration - whilst these are helpful as you know the body concerned has verified the member it is not a 100% guarantee

If you are offered one - ask where it is issued from - recognized issuers are easily checked out - but some are just issued by the seller themselves made on their home computer - in law a COA has no worth

the best advice is to get to know the seller - never be afraid to ask questions and if not happy DO NOT BID

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