Silicone Skin Human Hair wig For Medical hairloss

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Hi there,

Advanced lace wigs has recently launched the new siliocne skin wig range and we thought i would be a good idea to explain a little more about the silicone wig, its advantages and dis-advantages, its wearability, durability and appearence.

I hace personally tested the silicone wig intentially to get a good idea of its quality before the Advanced lace silicone range was launched, i think its very important that i can advise my clients based on actual experience with the wigs i retail,

The Advanced Silicone Wig Range

The first thing i thought when i saw the silicone wig that i was sent to trial was how small the cap looked!

I am a small cap size anyway but i'll be totally honest, it looked too small for me. Oh well, i thought, apearences can be deceptive, ill give it a whirl!

Now, i have total alopecia universalis, which basically means i have lost all the hair from all over my body, my head is completely bald, i have no eyelashes or eyebrows and....... well no body haor anywhere (apart from a little occasionally under myleft armpit,  yuk!)

I sat infront of my mirror, looking at this super small looking silicone skin wig biting my lip, here goes i thought

To put the wig on - The first time i put the silicone wig on i must admit i found it a little...... akward?......... i dont know if that would be the right word, but it was definatly different from putting on a machine made wefted wig or a full lace wig.

I found the easiest way to put it on was to start from my front hairline and to roll it down to the nape of my neck and side areas, the silicone wig really does cling almost straight away and if your the type that gets a little flustered i would recommend sprinkling a little baby talc onto your head and to the inside of the silicone cap, it makes it that little bit easier to position it correctly.

You will know when its positioned correctly because -

  1. The silicone cap is sat flat against your head with no air bubbles or curling at the edges. if you feel a little sir bubble, place your hands at the top of your head and gently press the wig down, gently sliding your hands down the wig to expel the trapped air
  2. The ear tabs on the silicone wig are of equal distance at each ear, if one ear tab is on your ear, it is not positioned correctly
  3. Your front hairline is not placed too low or too far back, your hairline should be roughly 4 fingers away from your eyebrows

The silicone wig may look small, but actually when you are putting it on it stretches! and clings really snuggly and securely to your head, very clever.

Next on my list was to get the silicone wig cut and styled, i have a great stylist who is also an amazing friend and she is the only person i trust to cut my 'hair' so she styled my new silicone wig into a chin length bob, slightly shorter at my nape so it didnt flick out when i couldn't be bothered to blow dry it myself! i also had a very soft side fringe cut into it, just a personal choice, it is not really needed to hide the front hairline of the silicone wig but a fringe suits me better.

Next i decided i wanted to try out a few things in the silicone wig. what i did and the results are below

  • went out and about - im always a little consious going out in a new wig, i knew it looked very natural and felt comfortable, but the colour was not my usual blonde #22, infact it was the complete opposite at a #2 darkest brown! so everytime i caught sight of my refletion i was a little shocked lol. The silicone wig behaved beautifully though, it did not slip, slide or move and it was a pretty windy afternoon, and the hair moved very naturally in the wind. it felt very secure to be honest, and i was very impressed!
  • The next day, i decided to have a little change of style from straight to loose curls/waves, so out came my irons and i added a few loose curls in the top sections of the silicone wig, very easy to curl, i was all done in about 10 minutes.
  • Showered and washed wig whilst wearing - i brushed the silicone wig (on my head) before i hopped into the shower, dunked my head underneath and waited for it to be washed into the bottom of the shower enclousure, but it never happened! the silicone wig clung on for dear life and did not budge, i was also suprised at how i could still feel the sensation of the water on my head, i dont know why but i thought i would not feel it. I washed with my fave shampoo, rinsed and conditioned, ,aking sure not to get too much conditioner on the silicone base, rinsed and rinsed again and hopped out of the shower. Next i towek dried, left to dry for an hour naturally (this is all whilst still on my head) and then blasted with the hair dryer on a medium heat setting. It was still on and had not budged a millimetere, but i felt a bit of a sweaty scalp coming on so i removed the silicone wig and gave my head a good old wash. i also washed the inside of the silicone wig with a clean flannel.
  • The last 'test' i had for the silicone wig was....... my 2 year old daughter! now, i know that the average person is not going to allow their toddler to 'play' with their new silicone wig, but i wanted to test the durability and my daughter was the perfect person for the job! even after all the tugging and pulling of the hair, the silicone base and a rather frightening incident with our maine coon kitten, mr jinxy, the silicone wig remained in one piece, no rips, tears etc.......

Conclusion - the silicone skin human hair wig is a great option for someone who is suffering from total or very near total hairloss.

It clings to the head and provides a very secure and comfortable fit that requires no glues or tapes to attach.

Its natural looking and behaves just like a full haed of natural hair

It can be parted anywhere, there are no wefts in the wig the base is a complete stretch silicone cap

The silicone wig breates well, though i did feel hot and sweaty after i had blow dryed it on my head, it was not un bearable, just a litlle sweaty.

I can confidently say that you could swim in this wig and it would stay on your head where you originally put it!

I am still wearing this wig, in fact i have one coming in a different colour for myself within the next few days! i'll have a different wig for everyday of the week at this rate lol

The silicone skin wig is available from advanced lace wigs at an affordable price, enquirys are always welcome and stringly encouraged, i would never sell a wig that i would not wear myself!

Hope this was helpful, the silicone wig is not widely recognised in the uk so at least now you'll have some understanding of this medical hairloss wig and be able to make an informed desicion


Emma xxx

Advanced Lace Wigs

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