Silver Bead Bracelet Buying Guide

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Silver Bead Bracelet Buying Guide

There are many different styles of a silver bead bracelet. It has been a fashion accessory since ancient times, and the beads have been made from silver since the metal was discovered and people learned to shape it. Now the silver beaded bracelet is a common fashion staple for those who want to wear jewellery without it looking flashy or overpowering. Silver is often the metal of choice to wear in quantities in which gold bracelets may be considered garish. Although gold is more valuable, there are circumstances where a person would not want to show off the gold that they own. One of these circumstances is when a person is performing an activity in which a more expensive bracelet may become lost or broken.

Silver bead bracelets may be purchased at jewellery shops, department stores, and on the online auction site, eBay. A few things need to be considered before purchasing a silver beaded bracelet. The size of the person's wrist, the size of the beads, the type of clasp and the style of the beaded bracelet are all important factors when buying a silver bead bracelet.

How to Size a Silver Bead Bracelet

The standard wrist size for a woman's wrist is about 20 cm. Since not all wrists are the standard size, it is important to measure a woman's wrist for which the bracelet is being designed. Using a tailor's tape measure, wrap it around the end of the wrist, which is the part closest to the hand. Take the circular measurement, which equals the approximate bracelet size. Normally, the measurement is close to the standard. After receiving the wrist size, a few centimetres can be added to make sure that the bracelet moves up and down the wrist and is not uncomfortably tight. It is important to get an accurate measurement because bracelets are normally listed with a size. If a buyer purchases a bracelet that is too big or too small it may have to be returned.

Size of the Beads in a Silver Beaded Bracelet

A silver beaded bracelet may be a bracelet made from beads that are the same or similar sizes. There are several standard-sized beads from which beaded bracelets can be made. These standard sizes are of course not all of the sizes available, but are the sizes usually found in jewellery shops and jewellery supply shops. The size of the bead dictates how many beads are used to make a specific sized bracelet.

Bead Size (mm)

Amount Needed for 20 cm Bracelet


100 beads


65 beads


50 beads


33 beads


25 beads


20 beads


17 beads

This is just a size guide to provide an idea of how many beads are in the standard 20 cm bracelet. Of course, many times, silver beads are mixed and matched in size, shape, and the type of bead. A person must roughly gauge how many of each size of bead he or she needs to make a bracelet. Silver beads come in almost every imaginable shape and size. A popular form of silver beaded bracelet is the Pandora bracelet, in which a loved one chooses different beads that represent aspects of their life with another or the wearer's personality.

Pandora Silver Beaded Bracelets

Pandora bracelets are made from silver and enamel beads. The bracelet base is silver, and then silver, silver and enamel, or alloy beads or charms are added to signify events of the wearer. The types of Pandora beads available, include: locking, charms, rondelles, and round beads.

Persona Silver Beaded Bracelets

Much like the Pandora-style bracelets, the Persona collection offers custom made beaded silver bracelets that match a person's personality exactly. They have a broad range of beads, such as the round bead, decorated bead, silver charm, and rondelle. Also, like the Pandora bracelet, a base bracelet can be purchased and charms added later for a variety of special events.

Types of Clasps on Silver Beaded Bracelets

There are some who say that the clasp is the most important part of a bracelet. The clasp is what keeps a bracelet on a wearer’s wrist and prevents it from getting lost. The different types of clasp are either for aesthetic value or because a person prefers a certain type.

Barrel Lock Clasps

The barrel lock clasp has one side that opens, and the opposite side fits into the open portion. The open portion is then closed and locked around the opposite side, closing the bracelet. One side of the bracelet contains the lock, while the other contains a stopper and a fixed bead. As long as the locking portion remains closed, the bracelet does not come undone.

Lobster Claw Clasps

A lobster claw clasp is a traditional clasp seen on many bracelets and necklaces. It consists of a hook that opens and resembles a lobster claw with a lever. The opposite side contains a ring which fits into the clasp. To close this type of clasp, the lever is pressed and the lobster claw opens, and then the ring is slipped into the claw and the lever is released, closing the claw.

Button and Spring Clasp

A button and spring clasp has two holes through which each end of the bracelet fits. When the button is pressed, the holes open and the side of the bracelet can be slipped through it. Both sides of the bracelet have a ball at the end that keeps the end from sliding back through the spring button bead.

Other Types of Clasp

There are other types of clasps, such as the magnetic clasp, which uses two magnets to hold the ends of the bracelet together. The twist barrel clasp has two ends shaped like barrels where one fits into the other, and then the two are twisted closed, similar to a screw. These two types of clasps are good for light wear and are not considered to be incredibly secure.

Styles of Beaded Bracelets

The different styles of beaded bracelets are as varied as the beads themselves. Some beaded bracelets contain uniform beads over a single silver chain. These are usually smaller and flatter than some of the more elaborate beaded bracelets. The mismatched style of beaded bracelet contains beads of different sizes and shapes over a rope or chain. These can be very small, medium, and large beads mixed together to create a pleasing bracelet style.

The silver bead bracelet is a fashion accessory that has many different styles and functions. It is a versatile part of anyone's wardrobe and can easily be changed around to suit a style of dress or individual style. Most women own at least one silver beaded bracelet. Since many of the bracelet beads are interchangeable, it is possible that a person can interchange the beads, creating a whole new bracelet and style.

Buying Silver Bead Bracelets on eBay

It is easy to find silver beaded bracelets on the popular auction website, eBay. All you have to do is input the search terms for the style of bracelet or bead that you want into the search box, and then click search. This populates a list of the different styles of beaded bracelets available for sale or auction on eBay. After doing this, browse through the different listings and check if any of the bracelets available match your search terms.

Once you have found one that you like, click on the listing of the bracelet. The listing page contains a description of the silver beaded bracelet, a picture, and the seller's shipping and return policies. These policies are important in case something goes wrong with the sale. This page also has a place where you can ask the seller a question. Sellers are usually happy to answer any questions that a person may have about their product. There is also a place where the seller's feedback is listed. Comments left by previous buyers are a valuable tool when judging whether or not to purchase a bracelet from a particular seller.


The silver beaded bracelet is an extremely versatile fashion accessory. Many of the beads can be mixed and matched to provide the wearer with a completely different bracelet. They can be used as a fashion statement, to tell a story, or just for fun. There are a wide array of sizes, types, and styles of beads and charms available at shops and on websites, such as eBay. A person can purchase an already made beaded bracelet, they can purchase a kit to make their own, or the beads and chain can be purchased separately so that a unique look can be created. Each beaded bracelet has the potential to be an original piece of jewellery. When purchasing a silver bead bracelet, be sure to first measure the size of your wrist to find the correct size of the bracelet. Then, by searching on eBay or at a jewellery shop, you can find the beads, the chain, or the full bracelet that you desire.

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