Silver Cross Carriage Pram

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Whilst reading guides for pushchairs, I noticed there was nothing for the traditional Silver Cross Carriage Pram. So here we go!

I got my Silver Stream from ebay when I was pregnant as I had wanted one for years. I live in a small market town with all the necessary shops easily accessible to me. The SC is perfect. I can manourvere into all shops - it is no wider than many of the 3 wheelers - and the huge wheels make it a dream to push, even over rough terrain. I have even taken it across meadows for dog walks with the baby rocked to sleep by the Rolls Royce suspension!The shopping basket underneath is huge and I can easily fit all my shopping in it. I have also got pram clips on the handlebars which I can hang bags from and can even fit things in the pram alongside baby if I have to!

This pram is a real headturner. I have never once been out when I haven't been stopped by somebody admiring the pram and reminiscing about their babies and the Silver Cross or Marmet pram they had. I have to say that my baby loves being in her big pram as she can see me at all times and can interact easily. Her movement is unrestricted and she can roll over, sit up and get really comfortable; awake or asleep. Also, if another baby comes along, you can buy a toddler seat which sits on the topof the pram and you can ferry both of your little ones without having to buy another pram/pushchair.I know someone who used to have a baby in the pram, another in a toddler seat on top and if her other todller got tired, he would lie in the shopping basket underneath the pram!

There are pros and cons to everything and I would be lying if I said everything was perfect about the pram. With the model I have, it does not fold down and it is pretty much impossible to get it into a car on a day to day basis - unless of course, you have a low loader! This means buying a small buggy for the car or bus if you want to venture further afield. (We got a Britax Vista and this fits the bill perfectly at a very reasonable price!). It is also a bit tricky getting in and out of places with steps, but most places are accessible. You also have to consider storage space at home. It does not fold away umbrella style and takes up a fair bit of room in hallways or lounges. But this said, it looks wonderful!

All this considered, I do not regret my prchase AT ALL and would thoroughyly recommend a Silver Cross pram to anyone. They are classic prams and can still suit todays lifestyle.

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