Silver Krugerrands - More

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Silver Krugerrands - More

Following our existing eBay Guide " Beware Krugerrand Imitations in Silver or Miniature ", we received this question from a eBay member:-

I found you on another site when I was looking at silver Krugerrands and you talked about fake ones. I looking to buy real silver Krugerrands and there are some on ebay how do I tell real from fake? Dave
Perhaps we should have explained that a Krugerrand is a GOLD coin. There is no such thing as a silver Krugerrand. Anything described as such as merely an imitation. Any person offering such items described as Krugerrands is being dishonest, unless they are truly ignorant.
We presumed anybody interested in further information would have read our other eBay guide:

Krugerrand - One Ounce Investment Gold Coin

We were trying to edit our earlier guide to include the above paragraph, but the eBay system would not allow us to, claiming:
"You have included an invalid HTML tag in your guide. Please format your guide with the tools provided or use plain text."

But then, when did the eBay system ever work perfectly?

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