Silver Oxide (SR) VS Alkaline (AG) Watch Batteries

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Silver Oxide vs Alkaline Watch Batteries

Alkaline batteries are defined by the letters AG in front of them, IE

AG1 AG2 AG3 etc

You should NEVER use Alkaline cells in watches for 3 very good reasons

1: Alkaline batteries are 1.5 Volts, NOT 1.55 Volts, your watch was designed to run on this very specific voltage, underpowering it can cause it to keep incorrect time.

2: The major component of an Alkaline battery is sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, if the battery should leak inside your watch, it could completely damage your watch beyond repair.

3: Silver Oxide batteries have a very "flat" voltage profile, this means they keep producing 1.55v until they are exhausted, alkaline batteries have a "curved" voltage profile which means as they discharge the voltage becomes lower, sometimes as little as 0.5 volts, most watches will stop working at 1.3Volts or less.


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