Sindy OOAK or Re-root

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Firstly a Re-root is not an OOAK, its a doll which has had new hair re-rooted

An OOAK- One Of A Kind, is a doll that you will not see another one the same! as the Artist who created her will only make one of these, OOAKs included new hair, face paint and a hand made outfit... not just new hair

The methods people re-root dolls hair are different, i use the tool, and sewing method, i have NEVER had one of my dolls sent back because of their hair falling out, and i have sold over 100 re-roots (these can been seen on my website)so people who are saying the tool method doesn't work, must be very unlucky as i have spoken to over 30 people who collect re-roots and none of them have had hair fall out?   I do now and again use the knot method but i noticed one doll i have bought was rooted using the knot method and the knots have started to undo so this method needs to be checked when you buy one!

I have been re-rooting sindy dolls for about 4-5 years now and never had a complaint about my dolls so before buying a doll check out the seller and if the seller has not done the re-root try and find out who has!

Also if an OOAK - Re-Root says sold as seen, you must ask questions as you can not demand a refund as the seller has Listed it as sold as seen!

If you want to learn how to re-root using the loop method as sindys hair was originally look at my me page and you will see my website

If you need any questions asnswering please email me, i can also give you  step by step re-rooting instructions


Here are some of my Re-roots

All photographs are owned by me and are copyright if they are seen anywhere else i will be take action

Sindy is an addiction © 2005 All Rights Reserved

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