Singing bowls from the Himalaya area of Nepal and Tibet

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  • Singing bowls traditionally originate from the Himalayan area known today as Nepal and Tibet. The bowls produce their singing tones in different ways. Some people use a Gong beater but the most popular way to produce a tone is to use a hard `Dibber` stick and go around the outer edge of the bowl, until the friction produces the bowls note. One can experiment with different beaters and Dibbers covered in felt, fleece,cork or rope. Listening to a singing bowl begins quite simply by sitting in a relaxed position. Then hold the bowl in the palm of your hand, or put it on a cushion or ring. Let the sound `Ring out`. Try listening to the sound with closed eyes, working with the sound as a whole. The experience is a very personal one. Many people use singing bowls to begin and end, quiet periods of meditation and reflection. Your singing bowl can really become your friend in this busy,hurried, and noisy world, in which we live.

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