Single bed with Mattress

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Single bed with Mattress

A single bed with a mattress is a practical sleeping solution for many households. A single bed is either a single bed or two single beds. A single bed set can also come as bunk beds that may be stacked one on top of the other to increase the floor space available in the room. Other singles sit side by side, or can be placed in whatever arrangement works within the room space. Beds and mattresses vary in quality, price and size. Buyers can research the top name brands on the market, and source the single bed with a mattress that suits their budget and needs.

About a Single Bed with a Mattress

Humankind has always created a specific space and place for sleeping and for relaxing. Over the centuries, beds have evolved from straw mats to animal hides and today, to solid pieces of furniture with separate mattresses that provide a comfortable and warm place for sleep. Beds come in a variety of sizes – doubles, singles, queen-size and king-size – and with different frames, such as a solid base, usually of wooden slats, on which a mattress rests or a sprung base, such as a divan. A bed may come with a fixed headboard or one that can be detached. Platform-bed styles that originated in the Far East are becomingly increasingly popular worldwide. A single bed may be a single bed on its own or two matching single beds sold as a pair. As bunk beds, they can either be stacked or placed alongside each other. Single or single beds are a popular option for children’s bedrooms because of their size. Some come with inbuilt storage or with space below that can be utilised for storage.

Dimensions of a Single Bed

A single bed is effectively a single bed. In the UK, a standard single bed size is 36ins x 75ins while a small single is 30ins x 75ins. However, there is no international standard size for beds and dimensions do vary from country to country. This is something to take into account if bed linen is being bought from abroad or imported, as it may not fit.

Choosing a Single Bed with a Mattress

There are several options available in purchasing a single bed with a mattress, and the long-term use of the bed is likely to be the most crucial aspect for a buyer; for example, single beds are ideal for use in guest rooms as well as in children’s bedrooms. Other important factors are cost, size and style. Here are some of the bed frame styles available.


The most popular and simple style of bed on the market, divan beds come with a base on to which is added a mattress and headboard. Divan bases are either pocket-sprung with springs in the base for added comfort or platform top with a firmer feel.


Ideal for use in limited spaces, bunk beds are designed to be stacked one on top of the other and are usually wooden or metal-framed with slats supporting the mattress.


Storage beds are designed to provide a place for storage within the bed itself. Sometimes known as “captain’s beds”, they can come with drawers or may be an ottoman-style bed that lifts up to reveal the storage space beneath the mattress area.


Bedsteads do not have a solid base, unlike a divan, and instead the mattress rests on slats. The bedstead-style of bed is made of wood or metal slats and consists of a base, legs and headboard. Modern bedsteads that are upholstered in leather, for example, are growing in popularity.

Materials Used for Bed Frames

The most common materials used in making the frames for single beds are wood and metal, although a modern fashion is to use leather, faux leather, suede or faux suede in bed frames. Here are some of the most common bed frames available.


Most wooden bed frames are made from pine, oak or ash. Price is likely to dictate which wood is chosen with oak the most expensive of the three. All are durable and hardwearing.


Brass was traditionally used to make metal bedsteads but today many metal frames are made from steel tubing. Metal bedsteads are considered very durable.


Leather covered bedsteads are a luxurious addition to the bed frame market and as leather is very hardwearing, this choice is one that will last a long time.


Upholstered bedsteads in a range of fabrics, both natural and synthetic, can be another luxurious choice.

Different Types of Mattresses

Choosing the right bed frame or divan is important but for many, selecting the right mattress is the most vital part of buying a single bed with a mattress. Mattresses can be soft or firm, memory foam or pocket sprung, and there are several well-known brands dominating the marketplace. Prices will vary depending on exactly what style of spring is selected and so take into consideration not only the comfort of the sleeper, but also how often the single bed is to be used. The more a bed is used, the more wear on the mattress, and so a firmer mattress that may cost more initially, might prove to have better long-term benefits for the user. Here are some of the most popular styles of mattress available.

Pocket sprung

Pocket-sprung mattresses are considered among the most comfortable on the market thanks to the individual springs that are sewn into it, aiding support to the spine.

Memory foam

The memory foam mattress contains a layer of material that is temperature sensitive and so molds to the body quickly.

Continuous coil/open coil

In a continuous coil mattress the weight load is shared across several inner springs so the springs move as one, while open-coil mattresses consist of single springs fixed to each other by wire.

Pure form/latex

Pure form or latex mattresses are hypoallergenic so are a good choice for those who suffer from dust mite allergies.

Find a Single Bed with Mattress on eBay

To find a single bed with mattress on eBay, go to the homepage and click on Home & Garden.. Then open the tab for Furniture & Living and then click on to Beds & Mattresses. Use the search bar at the top of the page to make the search more specific to requirements. For example, when looking for a single bed with memory foam mattress, type in “single bed memory foam mattress” into the search field. Every search can be further refined by, for example, brand, price and availability. The chosen bed frame or bedstead may not be available with a mattress and so buyers may have to search separately for the mattress of their choice. Again, utilise the search bar at the top of the page and refine the search accordingly, perhaps by brand or style.


A single bed with a mattress is a practical addition to any family home. Whether buying as pair of single beds or a single bed, a single bed with a mattress can be used in a guest room and is particularly helpful for children’s rooms. The different styles of single beds available are not only an attractive piece of furniture, but are also often a good storage option as some can come with drawer space and other types of available storage, for example, ottoman style where the entire mattress lifts to reveal the storage. Mattresses also come in a wide range of styles, offering several options. Factors to consider when buying a single bed with a mattress are size and comfort, and these can be filtered during an eBay search to find the ideal purchase.

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