Size guide for pet clothes / clothing + dog + cat beds

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I get asked by many of my customers what size of pet clothing or pet bed they should order are here are some tips people have found useful.  I have also written a guide on cat and dog collar sizes for those of you looking to order your pet a new collar.

Pet Clothing

More and more sellers are now offering pet clothing and it is important you try to order the correct size as otherwise your pet may not be able to move comfortably in their new outfit. 

  • Most clothing sizes (certainly all the clothes I sell) are based upon a measurement taken along the back of your pet (and realistically I think we're only talking dogs here as I can't see many cats letting you put a t-shirt on them without you getting a few scratches!).  This can sometimes be confusing as to where to start and end the measurement.
  • You need to measure between the nape of the neck and the base of the tail - this is most easily understood from the diagram below:

  • Measure between points x and y (and as with the collars do this in both cm and inches).
  • Listings should tell you what size they will fit and also whether they offer size exchanges.
  • Take a good look at the listing photos to see how the item will fit your dog.  This is particularly important if your pet has restricted mobility - getting their paws through sleeves may actually hurt them if the sleeves are quite tight.
  • Sellers should always be happy to give you extra information on how clothing is fastened, neck sizes, sleeve sizes so just drop them a question if you need more facts before you buy.

Pet Beds

  • The main tip I'd like to give on choosing the right size of pet bed is to take 2 measurements of your pet lying down - one from head to tail and the other from top of head to paws and then add up to 10 inches / 25 cm to these measurements to ensure they have room to stretch out.
  • Don't forget that some animals do like to curl up rather than stretch out - if your pet feels happier in a more snug size bed then you will probably only need to add around 5 inches / 12.5cm to their measurements.
  • Bed listings often refer to the overall dimensions of the bed - please remember that the internal dimensions (the bit your pet can actually sleep on) will be smaller.  If you would like the inside measurements the seller should have these available for you.

The key message to take away from this guide is that it is crucial that you measure your pet when ordering items for them.  I really don't recommend only using the breed guides that listings often display - e.g. " A size 12 will tend to suit Yorkshire Terriers and Jack Russells".  The breed guides are only there to help you out if you really can't measure the pet (it may be a gift for a friend's pet for example).  If you are relying on the breed guide please make sure your seller will offer a size exchange before you buy.

I do hope you have found this guide useful and if you have any further questions please do drop me a line.  If you would like to put this guide into practice and are looking for designer pet accessories including diamante collars, snuggly pet beds or fabulous pet clothing (including cowboy hats new in from the US) come and visit me at my ebay shop woof woof

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