Size is important!

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I have noticed increasingly that  some sellers are not incorporating measurements into their selling items, especially clothes.

It is tiresome and time-wasting having to keep contacting sellers and then find the item has either been sold or ended by the time they reply.

It takes minutes to measure and add to description, this  can vastly increases your chances of selling., also remember that if the item has been washed it could have shrunk  and therefore not be the original measurement.

Unfortunately I also find even new clothes sold here although labelled a certain size, are not the correct size , as these are often overmakes from well-known chain-stores, this is sometimes why they are overmakes and cheaper.

Also a description of a skirt being ankle-length is fine if the seller is 5 feet 2" but it certainly won't be that length on a 6 footer prospective buyer.

So for buyers and sellers alike please give correct and detailed measurements. This saves disappointment to buyers and perhaps the difference between good and bad feedback and avoids returns.

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