Sizes for Shoes and Boots

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Since opening our Ebay shop we have sold many pairs of shoes and boots and we are reasonably priced and cheaper than you will find in a lot of highstreet shops.


The one problem we have found to, on occasion, be an issues is sizes.


I would recommend that before even attempting to find a pair of shoes or boots you like on Ebay that you have your feet measured in a shoe shop.  Then search on the internet for an international shoe sizing chart...this will save your time as you wont need to ask a seller for the sizes. 


Most sellers, like ourselves, will convert the shoe / boot sizes into UK sizes but when they arrive with us they are actually in USA sizes.  If you have your own chart  (these are quite easy to find) you can pick up the best bargains as sellers may list in other country sizes (Chinese and European are also popular to list with as it's easier that figuring out the shoe sizes yourself if you get a delivery of say 100 pairs). 


Many thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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