Skipping Rope

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Skipping Rope

Did you know that skipping is an excellent form of excercise that requires minimal equipment - only a skipping rope.  Skiping ropes are the most cheapest and effective ways of keeping fit, burning up to 1000 calories per hour.  It is important that when choosing a skipping rope to have an idea what types of ropes are availlable.  At Turner Sports we offer a range of skipping ropes and sets.

How to skip

To help prevent injury, you should aim to skip in traines, ideally on a flat surface with plenty of space around you.  Skipping to music adds to the fun and combining different foot combinations and other circuit exercises will prevent you from getting bored.

When skipping aim to keep your elbows tucked into your sides, with the rope turning around smoothly in your wrists.  A common mistake is to lean forward or to skip too slowly.  Both of these result in the rope being caught by your feet - and you'll come to a sudden stop.

Keep your back straight, and for beginners I suggest you jump with both feet together.  Jump only high enough to get the rope under your feet - this should only be a couple of inches or so.  Jumping too high will only tire you out.

Alternating feet when jumping is the next step.  Its easy to learn but you'll need to keep practicing.  Jump a few times on one foot and then try on the other one without stopping.  You need to practise this a few times and then start with the other foot first.  Soon you will be able to  go from one foot to the other without catching the rope.

Whilst skipping the rope should ideally be tight, and if jumping at speed aim to have small jumps - with the rope close to your head.



At Turner Sports we offer our skipping ropes in two materials, leather and vinyl.   Our ropes are all tangle free, which makes it comfortable for new users and regulars.  

  • Vinyl Ropes

This type of rope is one of the newest and generally the thinnest and lightest material available.  This feature makes them a favourite for speed ropers and athletes in training.

Vinyl is not usually as long lasting as other materials, particularly when used in outdoor setting. 

  • Leather Ropes

Many people prefer the feel and weight of the leather ropes at Turner Sports, which come with ball bearing wooden handles for a smoother swing and a little more weight than plastic ropes.

We also offer fitness sets for all your needs.  The sets we offer are:

  • Speedball set
  • Gripper set
  • Medicine ball set
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