Skoda Favorit, an underrated car!

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Hello and welcome to my guide on the Skoda Favorit!

The model I own and reviewing is a 1994 GLXi model.

The main appeal about these cars are price, price to buy, price to run and price to insure.

The security on these cars are fantastic, due to it's age, most people believe that it's a crap Skoda from the pre VW era, which is simply not true, when VW brought Skoda, this car impressed them so much they seriously thought about using the mechanics of this car as the base for there revamped Bettle!

Good points about this car!

Fuel economy is around 45 miles per gallon under normal driving condition, very good for a 1.3 litre engine!

Easy to drive : the controls are basic and easy to master in a short time period.

Easy for big people : I'm over 6 foot tall and have plenty of headroom, the pedals are widely spaced apart so people with big feet (like me), have no difficulty switching between pedals frequently, even in work boots!

Brilliant headlights : no really, they are excellent for an old car, nice and bright, full beam has ome decent punch!

Engine is feed by a carb, not fuel injection, which means there's no fuel injection computer to go wrong!

There is only one engine size available, and it has some power, for a 1.3 litre, it does move!

The ride is comfortable, steering is light, moderate boot size, the front ashtray can handle 50+ cigarette butts, the front seats can be reclined so far that they effectively become beds, handy if you want a nap!

Not so good points!

the heating system is lousy, even on maximum power, it just about keeps the interior warm on a cold morning!

The interior is basic, really basic, there is no sound system as standard!

The lights are switched on by the centre console, which maybe an issue if you have naughty small children!

These cars are not immune to rust!

the space in the back for people depends purely on how big the driver and front passenger are, you can't get five 6 foot plus people in this car comfortably, it will be a squeeze!


Despite the pre VW stick you'll probably get for owning one of these, they are good cheap basic cars, very reliable, nobody will steal it (handy if you live in an area which is bad for car crime), providing you give these cars there timed services, it won't let you down, the low insurance premium is a big plus if your young too!

Recommended for people on a budget!


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