Skoda Felicia v Skoda Favorit

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Having Had A Very Reliable Skoda Favorit Estate For The Last Year - (A Car That I Bought As A Temporary Measure But Ended Up Keeping For A Year)  I Thought I Would "Upgrade" To A Skoda Felicia As They Are Available Quite Cheaply For A Decent Years Registration.

On The UPSIDE To This "Upgrade", Yes The Dashboard Is Much More Modern To Look At And The Seats Look Marginaly Nicer, And Of Course The Registration Number Says Its Several Years Newer Than The Old One But Thats It !

On The DOWNSIDE Where To Start, Its Tinny, Not Quite Tin Foil But It Certainly Feels Like It After The Tough Old Favorit - Instead Of That Feeling Of A Truly Solid Car Its All Rattle And Shake, And How Can A Car Of Half The Weight Do Less MPG Than The 40 Plus The Favorit Gave No Matter What You Did To It When They Supposedly Have The Same Engines In Them ?

Either This Car Was Made On A Realy Bad Monday Morning Or The Build Quality Has Been Cut, The Body Panels Are Only Half The Thickness Of The Old Favorit And The Paint Quality Is So Poor You Would Think Its The Far Older Car Of The Two.

And Great News From The Insurance Company As Well  35 Extra To Insure This Smaller Car - I Thought I Was Upgrading, Was Going To Have A Really Economical Car !!

Then Again It Will Do The Job And It After All It Is A Lot Newer





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