Sky Customers Beware of new Identity Scam, Virgin Media

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Sky Customers beware of the new Identity Scam

Many of us currently use sky due to the extra choice of channels compared to freeview. However there is a very clever scam that is going around that could end up stealing your identity. So far it has only been recorded with Sky customers but could happen with any subscription service like virgin media.

How it works

Its a very clearer two part scam. It begins with you receiving a pre recorded call asking if you are a sky customers, or somebody asking you if your sky television is working ok (if you say there are problems they tell you to contact the telephone centre). If you confirm that you are a sky customer the second part of the scam kicks in about a week later, at this time you have probably forgotten all about the first telephone call

This call is from a live person claiming to be from Sky billing department and claim that your subscription for the month has not been paid. Unless you give your credit card details to be processed your service will be suspended. They will also start threatening that your credit rating will be marked and this will effect your chance of obtaining credit in the future.

It can sound very plausible and easy to fall for, a large number have people have already fallen for this scam. Once you have passed over your details, they are not in the hands of Sky, but with the scammers who have just tricked you

How to Spot the Scam

According to Sky, they would not call from the billing department, they would handle it in writing and the same should happen with any subscription service. The second red flag should be raised by the fact your subscription has not been paid. A majority of people pay their bill by direct debit which is automated.

How to Avoid being Scammed

If you get a call from sky or any other subscription service ask the person to quote your account number, if he/she can’t then it’s a certain indication that it’s a fake call. Take the person's name and telephone number, then check it against the sky contact number on your bill, it should match, if it does not then call sky and report the scam. Alternatively ask the caller to put the request in writing and send it to you, which is the proper procedure, of course, you will not hear anything from them.

What to do if you think you have been scammed

Inform your credit card company, your bank and the credit reporting agencies immediately. Request a copy of your credit file and ask the agencies to flag it, in case anybody tries to open a new account. The best advice is to keep your wits about you, its very easy to get carried away by a telephone call, they can seem very official, and never give out any information over the telephone unless you have initiated it, unless you are 100% sure you know who you are talking to

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