Sky digiboxes and leanne3423 - BEWARE

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This seller seems to be ripping everyone off when selling Sky boxes....just read her feedback, I have a dispute open with Paypal at the moment as this seller did not send all items as described in the listing, it seems she does this regularly, I have a digibox that does not work minus the power lead and phone line lead that were described as being with the digibox....this lady (thats if you can call her a lady!!) does not even seem to care, she makes promise after promise to send the items and then does not, and when told that a claim and complaint will be made she replys with "I THINK THAT YOU ARE GOING A BIT FAR FOR A POWER LEAD" !! It seems that other people have had the same problem with items either not as described or with parts missing, so just dont buy from this seller unless you want to waste your time and money.
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