Skyjet 125cc

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I've now done just over 3,000km on my Skyjet125cc, and as there are so many on ebay at the moment I thought I would leave some feedback after a few months of use to help those thinking of buying them.

I got the bike in July for the summer, (didnt really get a summer this year but never mind!).I bought it from Avalonia. They were very helpful and the bike came with warrenty, I also got to meet the guy who built it, and was given a guide of how best to care for the bike, all in all the service was, and still is, really good.

These bikes can come delivered in a crate saving you a few hundred pounds but i'm definately glad i got it built by a professional and once i paid for it and picked it up, it was ready to go!

The Skyjet is based on the Honda CBR125cc and looks great on the road, (perhaps some wider tyres may help it a bit) and the handling is good as well.

Problems I have had so far;

Obviously being so much cheaper than the Honda's, you can't really expect the same high standard of parts. However apart from a couple of spots of rust (mine is out in all weathers so not too surprising!) and a few bolts rattling off, there have been absolutly no problems with it!

I was told when i bought it as long as i took good care of it while running it in, and if i made sure I got it serviced and checked regularly, I should have no problems. I got it serviced at about 1,000 miles (1,600km) and got the oil changed and all the usual lubes and greases put on.

I get the odd random rattle every now and then but as long as you check everything tight before any long trips you should be fine.


The Skyjet easily gets up to 75mph and will go a bit more over this as well but with a bike this size and weight you wouldn t really want it much faster, it has great acceleration for a 125cc and is not too far off a 2-stroke i had previously which are supposedly a lot faster than the 4-strokes.

Overall i would definately recommend this bike, It has suited me well as a daily commuter and a weekend riding bike and for the saving i'm quite happy to swap the honda badges for 'Skyjet'.  

There has been a lot of bad press about the Chinese built copy bikes, (but isnt this how the Japanese bikes manufacturers started out all those years ago?!) As long as you go with a proper company and treat the bike with respect then they will no different to the other more expensive versions.

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