Skyjet 125cc RR7

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Like if this guide is helpful
What can you say it came in a crate well packaged.,No Tail lift on truck so had to lift it off by hand and as you can gather it does weigh a bit.
Throw away the instructions as a 3 year old  could explain better.
Quality is as you would expext for the price you pay but the end product looks pretty good.
Fitting the front wheel is a pain as the bike does not have a centre stand to keep the front elevated to fit wheel and speedo cable.
It is a two person job.
The fairings are pretty fragile so you have to be carefull when fitting them.
All in all pretty easy and quick to build the bike, even though it takes you an hour to cut it free from the crate and packaging.
Once you fit battery you need to remove fuel inlet to the carb pipe and turn bike over to get the petrol through, once this is connected back to the carb it will basicaly start first go.
You are best to run in the bike as instructed in the book and keep the revs low.
Ok after run in you will now know that the bike rattles like hell when you rev it, the vibration you get from the handle bars is pretty bad as well,
You MUST before and after check nuts and bolts are tight on the bike pretty often or use thread lock on them,or the vibrate loose.
The ride is ok though i dont feel very safe on corners at speed as the tires are very narrow for the size and type of bike.
Engine runs great apart from having to set the tappetts every month they are noisy as heck all the time when the engine is hot.
The bike does about 65mph and econnomy is good.
Speedo is not acurate by a mile and neither is the fuel guage if it decides to work.
I think the engine is based on the Honda CG125 early model which i believe was noisy as well.
I am not a bike expert but any help on sorting my tappets problem would be good,and i dont need to be told to buy a decent bike as this is for work and i am quite happy with it.
All in all a grand on the road its a good eye catcher and first bike to ride for learners.
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