Skyjet RR7 125

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Bought one of these bikes in 2006 and it was delivered really quickly.  Built it out of the crate myself and loctited all the nuts and bolts (as they don't use any form of washers of nylock nuts in the assembly so they will all shake loose.

After running in for a few miles I was astounded in how slow the bike was (mind the engine is a 35 year old Honda design so what do you expect!) anyway all started to go wrong after 500kms when the petrol tank started leaking fuel from the bottom of the sender unit, and after a bit of messing about with the importer I got a new one.  Then the sender unit itself failed, got a new one, not much better (anything under a full to the brim tank would registed empty).  Then it was the turn of the front brake calliper which seized (bad casting) new one obtained an fitted, next thing to go was the muck in the fuel tank clogging up the filter leaving me stranded miles away from home. Speedo was wildly inaccurate getting slowly more so till after 3000km stopped working altogether.  Rev counter decided to bow out at this point also, along with both passenger foot pegs which vibrated loose and fell off!  Rectifier was faulty and killed the battery which leaked acid all over the paintwork, and blew bulbs left right and centre (dangerous!).

The weld that holds the gear selector broke and left me with no gears, also the ball joint that holds it in place was too worn to use (after 6 months!!!), carb kept losing its settings, causing the bike to run rough and had to be tuned constantly.  The fairings were of such poor quality they periodically broke (they are as brittle as glass) of their own accord leaving bits of the bodywork handing loose after a ride!! Superglue works for a while I found!!!

There are other things that I've forgotten but that's the overall experience I've had with mine which is 8 months old and is being broken for spares as I'm sick of repairing it!

Overall, if you want a chinese bke, go for as cheap as you can cause they don't last ten minutes although I might have been unlucky...

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