Skylark 335 / Gretsch style guitar Flamed Maple Top

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If you're looking for a nicely built guitar at a ery reasonable price the Skylark guitars are worth a look and try out. I was particularly drawn to the 335 style guitar for a number of reasons, I used to have a 6120 double cutaway Gretsch and wanted something similar looking, so I bought a Skylark and was very impressed, it also came with a hard case that you'd pay more than £40 for elsewhere extra. Out of the box it played satisfactorily and the finish is very good with a flame maple top veneer. I like this guitar as it has a 2 pin tunamatic mounted badge but has a tailpiece string bar rather than the usual 'Le Paul' style stop bar. Now I like a Bigsby style trem so I upgraded my Skylark and replaced the string saddles with Roller Saddles from CH Guitars which I had to pack slightly to fit but no trouble as I customise guitars all the time. Next I added the Bigsby style trem unit and without the stop bar on makes it look great - no ugly screw bushing holes to try and get rid of. Once set up to my preference (at the bridge and lowered strings at the nut) it plays very nicely with a warm sound. I liked it so much I decided to buy another and on that upgraded the string saddles to roller type ones, added a Bigsby style trem and installed Gretsch Filtertron Hot Rod pickups and put on some Gibson style Gold speed knobs, it looks and sounds the busines and plays nicely too. All in all a nice guitar that you can use, upgrade and enjoy!
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